Who we are?

SpatialLabs was founded to help companies create geospatial applications. We are a team of geospatial experts, software engineers, and data scientists. We have worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Values

Our mission is to build and apply cutting edge geospatial technology for our clients. Our values are below.

Value: Focus

Explanation: We relentlessly focus on the #1 highest impact task to drive our business forward. We want to solve a few problems extremely well. We push ourselves to think strategically about what truly matters. It’s dangerously easy to fall into the trap of trying to solve everything for everyone.

Value: Continuous learning

Explanation: We take the time to invest in uplevelling ourselves and our teammates. This could be taking half a day to read a research paper on replay, or scheduling regular pair programming sessions. We are open about our mistakes and reflect candidly on what could have gone better, so that we can improve for next time.

Value: Collaboration

Explanation: We always try to help each other, before we’re asked to do so. We teach with compassion, which means sharing our knowledge and realizing the leverage of empowering our teammates. We support our teammates, win as a team and regularly celebrate this.

Value: Keep it simple

Explanation: Bias towards simplicity. Striving for the simplest solution requires time and effort, but pays off in the long run.

Our Mission

  • Applying Geospatial technology in the service of our clients and the world.

Our Vision

  • To be the go-to experts for applying geospatial technology to solve hard real-world problems.